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Friday, March 5, 2010

recap on the last few hours!

yesterday i went to sears and got my 2 for 99.99 glasses...bc my eyes start to hurt alot when i read for a long period of time and since im going to start school of course i want to be on top of my game!!![[[[game face!!!!]]]]
i get those on the 16th..[start school 15th.]
ok ...so as you all know i did get accepted to schoolll....hurray!!
im not going to be working..my mom said it was ok to not work thats its only a year and a half and that shes willing to support me..also carlos said he knows what were going to be put through and hes with me!!
ok and then finally my bday is on tuesday!! and i might [[[[[PLEASE GOD PLEASE]]]]] get my braces off on friday!!!!
[btw carlos bday is tomorrow and i got him two state sweaters! i hope he likes and it motivates him to go to school!!! woow...cant belive its so much and its juss been like 3 days!]

hope your all doing good and i apologize in advance if im not on here at all for the next couple months...
everyone take care and wish me luck!!!

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