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Friday, March 5, 2010

recap on the last few hours!

yesterday i went to sears and got my 2 for 99.99 glasses...bc my eyes start to hurt alot when i read for a long period of time and since im going to start school of course i want to be on top of my game!!![[[[game face!!!!]]]]
i get those on the 16th..[start school 15th.]
ok ...so as you all know i did get accepted to schoolll....hurray!!
im not going to be working..my mom said it was ok to not work thats its only a year and a half and that shes willing to support me..also carlos said he knows what were going to be put through and hes with me!!
ok and then finally my bday is on tuesday!! and i might [[[[[PLEASE GOD PLEASE]]]]] get my braces off on friday!!!!
[btw carlos bday is tomorrow and i got him two state sweaters! i hope he likes and it motivates him to go to school!!! woow...cant belive its so much and its juss been like 3 days!]

hope your all doing good and i apologize in advance if im not on here at all for the next couple months...
everyone take care and wish me luck!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


ok..so two words.
IM IN!!!


i just got back from talking to my financial counselor,
he gave me a new option on my loan process and Im going to take it..
i have all my cosigners ready incase one fails.
im sooooooo nervous..i have to meet with him again at 4.
this is my dream,

have u had a dream that youve held on to and its come true?

this is all i want!!! if i pass this then i start school on the 15th!
awesome right?!!
geez who would have thought it was going to be so hard!

but any whoo! ill let u all know how it goes...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cheap Haul!!!

Hey everyone..
still stressing and now my hands have been hekkkkkka dry lately..if you all dont remember..i work in a printing department and omg with all the paper your hands get suppper dry...
so yeah had to buy lotions!
ok so lotions i bought all only $1!
chapsticks i bought .99 cents!
-SOFTLIPS -pearl and cherry flavor
-SOFTLIPS -mint and vanilla
-NIVEA- a kiss of shimmer
[CARMEX moisture PLUS!! 2.99]
-donna michelle in medium 1 $1.00
-nail polish remover
-Dental Brushes...for my braces!!! $1.00
-baby whipes $1.00
-Stride gum in spearmint!!!! $1.00
-deck of cards! $1.00
-and my butterfly journal $3.99

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Michaels Crafts!

Angel wings i bought want to put them on a black fitted t with some quote..
Flower ribbon i want to put on a shirt. Maybe on the neck if its a off the shoulders shirt..or maybe at the bottom...IDK! ??
STAMPS because all my shirts are going to have my initials on the back neck part..EAM.
Buttons for a spring attire shirt.
Purple and pink jewels..to make a shinny look.
Pearls to bead on to a string and link on to a shirt.
Gold beads to string on a shirt.
Fabric glue.
A SHINNY "C" to link on to my phone to show everyone i love my CARLOS!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Hey everyone.
Well recently I have been inspired by a follower who designs her own clothes.
I have been making my own cloth bags since high school but I never have tried making "FASHION"-able shirts. [If I can find my bags I used to use for high school ill post the pictures. ]
But yeah...so today I went out to Target and
Its pretty cool, I like it because its loose fitting and maybe I can make it lean from one shoulder or something...and i like it because its turquoise and I dont think I have a lot of clothes that
I got this one because its
BRIGHT YELLOW! can you tell??
its a V-neck style shirt and
it has one of those mini pockets
on the side...i love those!!!
It was only $2.

I also
found this SHIRT DRESS in PURPLE!!
Im thinking about putting some jewels on it or something
because right now it looks so plain.

So far..these 3 items are going to be used as my testing clothing.
If all goes well which i hope it does, then my sister said she would even wear my stuff and show them off at school...how cool!!

But yeah..
Tomorrow I will be posting my haul from Michaels the arts and craft store.

[I also ended up buying a tiedye shirt for my sis some undies for my bro and a ELMO for Melany...]

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Ok so i thought this blog was going to be alot more fun!
but i kinda got tired of it.
Its like one of those things you do for a while and then B-A-M you forget all about it
and i hate that!
but yeah i will try to update.
i just got my camera so of course i dont know all the specs on it yet but finally i got it...now i can share with you alot more....
i need to find a co signer to sign with me or else i dont get the loan and omg its driving me nuts!!!
but yeah i really home that i find one and that i can get in and on with my life!
my munoz got a new puppy..
a tiny one.
jack russell terrier all white. his names kilo.
hes cute but crys alot!!!!!
had to go through the baby dog with maya..so i know.
but yeah...
hope all is well with everyone.

anybody have any suggestions on what i should write about??

Sunday, February 14, 2010


hello everyone!

well it is valentines day and i just wanted to share this picture of my teddy and roses the bf gave me!
i wasnt expecting anything but he showed up at my work and TA-DA! i got my gift.

yeah..me and my munoz have been together for
years and through thick and thin we have always stayed strong..he truly is my other half...
hope everyone had a great valentines day and smiled and got lots of hugs and kisses!


just a snapshot of my love..

[red dress/tux prom]
[black sweater/white t FIRST picture ever as a couple]
[purple lay/white t graduation]

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Review: Fraxel

Fraxel is soap free and fragrance free product...my mom told me about this brand when i got the rash on my face and omg did it work wonders!!!!
I have no clue where she got it, [i think it was a gift she had gotten for her bday but i could be wrong... maybe christmas??idk]

What it is: FRAXEL Foaming Cleanser
i use it as a everyday product. wash my face with it every morning..and leaves your face feeling fresh and clean and it doesnt smell like anything and it doesnt have hydrating beads or anything special its just the foamy liquid that comes out..
since ive been using this...my rash did go away!!! YAY!!!!
and my skin has cleared up quite a bit..
i would recommend this to everyone especially if you have sensitive skin...

What it is: FRAXEL: Daily Moisturizer
another everyday product. has SPF 30 and i wear it kinda as a base for my makeup.
its smooth and juss glides on and its wonderful..my face doesnt feel dry and doesnt make my face shinny when i dont wear makeup i just apply this and my face feels good...
also recommend for people with dry skin or with sensitive skin. Fragrance and soap free product.

Review: ANFORA Body Oil

Hello Everyone!
Just wanted to let you all know about one of my everyday products!
It is called ANFORA "Rosa" Body Oil.
I bought it....you will never believe.....lol! at foodmaxx
What it is: Body Oil

What it does: Hydrates skin-Leaves skin feeling suppper soft and leaves a light rose smelling fragrance. [ideal for dry skin!!! especially right now bc the cold weather!!!!]

Price$$$: Bought it at the super market and it was i think if i remember correctly, $3.49

juss to let u all know about this product...love it because it smells amazing![fresh cut red roses is what i picture every time i put this on!] i use it everyday after i shower as a body moisturizer...also great incase your job requires you to wash your hands alot...this oil keeps your hands hydrated and they dont crack as sometimes they would do with lotions...

Saturday, February 6, 2010


ok make up post today!
its my brothers birthday and i decided to wear this little tutu black dress and black tights but i wanted my makeup to look dramatic...
so i chose to do a peacock inspired look.
it came out pretty good.
on whole lid i used the turquoise, on the top part of my eye by the tear duct i used the shimmery yellow and on the other side i used the bright shimmery green...and on my lower lash line i used the yellow again.
[btw i used the 120 palette from ebay.]
added some black mascara and some smooth black eyeliner.
and waaaaaaallllllla!
there you have it!!
Hope u all like and hope you all are having a good weekend!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Melany + Maya

Real quick b4 i crash..today i was outside with my cousin and my doggie and i just thought this was so cute!!!!


beautiful people out in blog heaven!
i have been away for so long because my router decided to die without consulting me!!!
so of course i had to wait until today that i got paid to go and get a new router!
so im back..
thnk god!

IM SICK!! so it definitely sucks!!!!!!!
did i mention it sucks!?
but anyways..
tomorrow is a new day and ill update u now i just want to sleep!

hope all is well with everyone and remember SMILE!


Friday, January 29, 2010


ok, also i have to share my sadness with you all,
i was told that today i would be getting my braces off and i was soooooo excited and ready for this moment. [ive had my braces for over 2 years]
so i got to the dentist and they started working on my teeth and all of a sudden the dental assistant asks me what color do you want..and im like WTF! WHAT COLOR???
and i was like oh same as before and then my dentist comes over and says ok well OOOONNNEEE of your tooth's isnt moving so imma have to re wire it and hope that next time you come it has moved and u can get ur braces off....
yeah...i was hopping that id be 21 and not have braces, but obviously i was wrong.


k i followed this recipe online and made these and they looked delish but were HEKKKKKKA DRY!!!!!!!!
what was i missing!?????????

Thursday, January 28, 2010

P-A-C-E-R [backwards]

Hey everyone,
my bad i hadnt wrote in a while. Ive been kinda busy with trying to get into the LVN program and making sure i dont lose my job!
its pretty crazy right now with school bc its so much money and its money that of course, i do not have!
i have taken all the pre recs and all that jazz and im pretty much in now they just have to run my credit and my co-signers credit and im pretty much in..but now im having second thoughts!
my bff is going to college and she told me that shes paying 50 bucks a quarter!!!
[thats suppppper cheap to what im going to have to pay, 34k + interest!!]
the only reason i dont jump on it is 1. its far! and if my classes are spread out like when i was going to state, idk y but i get so tired and annoyed!!!! and 2. if i go to the school im applying for now i end my LVN training in 11 months and im certified AND they help me find a job!
so im stuck right in the crack!
i know that if i go to a four year university its going to look better on my resume and stuff but if this other school is doing so much for me to get a job and pass the exams, maybe its worth paying the amount there asking for?
so yeah...
now let me tell you about my job.

they recently told us that whoever was working in the printing department had to watch their job and their titles.
i dont really know what they plan on doing but its said that its going to be done.
the CHISMES! or gossip thats going on right now is that if u dont go by all the rules your fired! so im over here trippen bc i never got trained to really deal with all the things we do in our department, ive had to see people and figure out what to do and litteraly train myself so to say!
all the machines we use:i had to learn how to use them [laminators, binding machines, copier, scanner, stamp maker, folding machine!!! etc.]
all the programs: publisher, outlook, PHOTOSHOP![which i had to google all the meaning to tools and so on!!!!], nero, fiery scan, business card templates, etc.
all the forms: stamps, checks, invoices, in store orders, business cards,
ive learned in 1 year and rarely i have had a complaint or a mistake.
so yeah...i think i wouldnt be the one getting fired but still when they tell u something like this all u want to think about is finding a new job or a new way to survive b4 they fire u right??
but yeah...
also!! b4 i forget!
MAYA IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!
omg i feel like she grew over night or something. her paws got wolf like and shes so heavy now! shes not fat thank god but shes so thick i almost couldnt carry her!
[yes i still carry her even though i think shes full grown now!]
lol...my sis says i look HI-larious when i carry her bc shes as big as me!

but yeah i hope u all are doing good and smiling!
ill put up some pics later tonight..me and munoz are going to walk the dogs later..
[he has 2 boy huskies and they gonna take a walk with maya!]
be safe!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Ok b4 i forget to share this with you...

my wedding song!
found it!

my sister's keeper soundtrack
Song: Feels like home
By: Edwina Hayes

[So sorry im just excited to share with you all!]

NEW book: the Law of Love





My Sister's Keeper

Need I say more.
EVERYONE go and rent it if you haven't
I loooooooved it! and recommend to you ALL!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Green&Silver Eyeshadow

These are the colors I used. You can use any similar colors you have in your makeup collection. I created this look using my 120 palette. Incase you want to know where to get one of these, i got it on ebay for 14 bucks!
I love all the colors and theyre all very pigmented and last all day!
Its one of my favorite toys!!!
I put the moss-looking color on the outer edge of my eye and blended it right in the middle with the silver, the silver is on the inner edge of my eye and right below my eyebrow.
With my slanted brush i put some more green below my lower lashes.
[Sorry I didnt take a full face picture its just that i used wax the other day and it irritated the crap out of my face and it sucks so bad!!!!! Ive been having to treat it with all these different stuff but idk why it dont come off..and it looks bad. Like a bad case of acne...sucks but i hope it gets better]
Hope you guys like and try out!
Send me pics of what it looks like on you!

Im glad I inspired you to create this look on you and hope you stay tuned for more looks.


My mom bought this nail polish at one of those little stores that have a weird name that you forget when you go to the mall. But anyways, its this purple nail polish and it just looks amazing!
It can either be a matte/flat color or you can put a clear top coat and its shinny!

Here are some pictures of the color.
--------->Top Coat Shot.
----------> Nail Polish Brand [ABSOLUTE!] Color [PURPLE]
---------->Matte/Flat Color

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So today it hit me,
what if i start writing and just go with it and finally make a book?
B4 when i was younger, [not that im old] i really really really wanted to write a book
i didn't know for who and it probably wasn't going to be all good but i wanted to do it.
There was a bit of drama during my teen years and i really just think that my story
would be a good one to share, a lot of young girls go through this drama but always live
in the darkness and never say anything about it or never talk about it.
I feel like ive pushed this episode of my life as far back as possible and ive grown and now
i feel like its time that i can finally talk about it.
i don't really know anything about writing a book and i don't know who i should aim it towards, right now its just a thought. These are just some bullets so you can get an idea.
  • teenage girls
  • middle school
  • drama with parents
  • being "madly in love"
  • being left to deal w parents alone

yeah i know that this would be a lot of drama to write but i know that maybe somewhere out there a young girl is going through what i went through and might not know what path to take or what to think or how to deal with whats happening.
i HATE this part of my life and i haven't even lived a lot, but honestly truly i don't think it can get any worst than what i went through.
but like every story that has a bad beginning there always comes the light and the hope that something or someone will be there to guide you through it all.

i love you munoz, and with your permission id like to do this.
[the past sometimes keeps us from being free and i feel like maybe this is what keeps me in my shell, bc my family drama that u already know about..i just want to be able to get it out and say "ive said all that ive lived and said all there was to say and there, im moving on and ive shared with you and my family and those who read this, that finally i can BREATH."]

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rest In Peace

My friends brothers body was found today,
I got a txt at 8pm from Jasmeet saying they might
have found his brothers body in the San Leandro Channel
when i was heading home right now at 1045 i got another txt
from Jasmeet saying that his brothers body was found.

My condolonces go out to Jasmeet and his family.
Be strong and remember that if you need anything
let me know.
Rest In Peace Jagmeet Singh Sidhu

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Room D-E-C-O-R!



------->ME + MUNOZ WALL!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

YOUTUBE: KlairedelysArt

i was on youtube and under my subscribed videos i noticed klaires video "I CUT MY HAIR!'

this is an amazing way to help kids, and remember hair grows back!
Really, this is sooo insparational, if i had 10 in of hair id do it..but i think i got a couple to go..
congrats and i hope that a little girl who gets ur hair appreciates it and loves her wig...


need i say more?
so many people get sponsored on here and on youtube.
how do u do it?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


hey everyone,nothing really important happend today,
i went to the gym again 2 hrs. then came home
and the baby was here so i had to take care of her...
then had to go to work...
and that was boring..

-cover letter for medical assisting
-get address from yellow pages
-get a hold of B. REED.

====>MAYA on top of her house checking out the neighbors.
======>PACO being a fat cat watching TV.
yeah well heres some pics i just wanted to share..
hope everyone is good and today wasnt a very good day just a blah day...but i smiled..


Tuesday, January 12, 2010


hey everyone..
today i had to babysit again..
its crazy...
like no joke.
[look at my face im not laffing]
but yeah..all you moms out there OMG i give you props
i just have to take care of the baby for a couple of hours while
my auntie goes to the drs with my gma or gpa..
but for real if i had a baby
omg i dont know how id live
yeah i mean there cute and the laff and make u laff and they are
so curious about everything
but they need so much attention!
and when they cry how do u know whats wrong..?
Melany doesnt cry alot thats what i like
and thats why shes a easy baby to take care
but for real..this experience is making me think
i have to be really careful and make sure that when i have
a baby im ready to be a mommy.
but like i said all u moms out there, Hats down to you!

super tiredd....and tomorrow got to wake up early and head to the gym...
remember that if you smile at a baby theyll probably smile back...


Monday, January 11, 2010


hey everyone!
just got home from the gym...2 hrs
and ok this week they changed the channels on what shows on the two tvs. last week they had the news on the side where i work out...this week im stuck looking at this lady cook with a whole bunch of fat stuff...[as we all know the good stuff is all fat.]
so this ladys over here cooking with bacon, and making burgers and pizza and sausage....
im over here on my stationary bike sweating buckets with my mouth watering looking at this lady cook!!!
so i had to get off and go use the equipment...
but yeah why would they do that!!!!!!
i got to go look for some healthy food so i can eat bc im starving...
[Dang lady on tv!]

hope everyone has a good day and make the best of it...
a smile from me to you all!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sonic Burgers

OK they just made a sonic here by my house and it is ALWAYS packed!
b/c im on my diet of course i cant and shouldnt eat fast food, BUT! my babe had to
go pick up some door panels for his car and we headed out to tracy
bc out sonic is always so packed, we decided to stop real quick at the sonic over there
we ordered and were suppper siked! bc of course everyone has been waiting for these good assss burgers!
NOT!!!!!! b/c i didnt want to eat alot i just ordered the dollar burgers on their menu and some frys. not anything super big.
ok...well we ordered to-go bc we still had the drive home. TELL ME WHY, my burger had more RAW ONIONS THAN MEAT!!! the patty was so small i thought i was just eating bread!!
then the chicken dollar burger was soooooooo DRY!! worst than a desert!
im so sorry and i dont mean to diss on anyone if they like sonic but for real it was nothing like what i was expecting..
[this is what the SUPER YUMMY burger looks like......can you tell im exaggerating]

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sex and the City the Movie!

omg ok so i tried watching this movie today right, but i kept having to go do stuff..so i just finished watching it and I LOVED IT!!!
i do recommend that you watch it if you havent already!

made meatloaf today! and it was delish! made it for my munoz bc he loves meat loaf and im so excited that it came out good!

also went 2 hours to the gym again! Feels Great!!!

night smile BIG!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Disney Princess Nails!

just wanted to share with you all this look that i did..using some good old tape, bright pink solid nail polish and some heart glitter nail polish..! hope you guys create your own and send me pictures so i can try out!
(thats my ring my papa face gave me! ive had it for years! and i NEVER take it off! i love it even if it was from a little 25 cents machine!)

500 days of summer

omg this movie sucks!
im so sorry im not trying to diss anyone who liked it but for real for real
i didnt not get it...ive tried watching it like 5 times and i get so distracted..
and yeah all i know is that summer gets married and Autumn appears.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dia de los Reyes Magos

first things first..i went to the gym for another 2 hours today and i feel great! i didnt get a chance to walk Mayita bc Melany here and i have to babysit her while her dad fixes Munoz' car.
[Melany has been having a lot of fun with Maya..Maya will run back and forth and Melany laffs hysterically at her...shes 4 months old.]

well for those of you who are wondering the meaning to the title of this blog, today is a Latino holiday...today is the day that "Melchior, Gaspar and Baltazar brought baby Jesus gold, frankincense and myrhh." For latinos today is the day kids put out their shoes and the three kings are said to leave good little boys and girls and gift..its like a little last Christmas party..also there is a bread that people make or you can buy at the panaderia called the Rosca de los Reyes. Inside the bread you will find little baby Jesus sculptures..they are baked inside the bread so people who cut the bread dont know where these little guys
are. If you are lucky enough to get one of them that means that you have to throw baby jesus a big party..there are many other representations of if you get the li
ttle baby but in our family thats what it means.
hope everyone has a good day today..work hard on achieving those goals! and remember to smile big! [even if you have braces like me!]