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Monday, February 22, 2010


Hey everyone.
Well recently I have been inspired by a follower who designs her own clothes.
I have been making my own cloth bags since high school but I never have tried making "FASHION"-able shirts. [If I can find my bags I used to use for high school ill post the pictures. ]
But yeah...so today I went out to Target and
Its pretty cool, I like it because its loose fitting and maybe I can make it lean from one shoulder or something...and i like it because its turquoise and I dont think I have a lot of clothes that
I got this one because its
BRIGHT YELLOW! can you tell??
its a V-neck style shirt and
it has one of those mini pockets
on the side...i love those!!!
It was only $2.

I also
found this SHIRT DRESS in PURPLE!!
Im thinking about putting some jewels on it or something
because right now it looks so plain.

So far..these 3 items are going to be used as my testing clothing.
If all goes well which i hope it does, then my sister said she would even wear my stuff and show them off at school...how cool!!

But yeah..
Tomorrow I will be posting my haul from Michaels the arts and craft store.

[I also ended up buying a tiedye shirt for my sis some undies for my bro and a ELMO for Melany...]

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