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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So today it hit me,
what if i start writing and just go with it and finally make a book?
B4 when i was younger, [not that im old] i really really really wanted to write a book
i didn't know for who and it probably wasn't going to be all good but i wanted to do it.
There was a bit of drama during my teen years and i really just think that my story
would be a good one to share, a lot of young girls go through this drama but always live
in the darkness and never say anything about it or never talk about it.
I feel like ive pushed this episode of my life as far back as possible and ive grown and now
i feel like its time that i can finally talk about it.
i don't really know anything about writing a book and i don't know who i should aim it towards, right now its just a thought. These are just some bullets so you can get an idea.
  • teenage girls
  • middle school
  • drama with parents
  • being "madly in love"
  • being left to deal w parents alone

yeah i know that this would be a lot of drama to write but i know that maybe somewhere out there a young girl is going through what i went through and might not know what path to take or what to think or how to deal with whats happening.
i HATE this part of my life and i haven't even lived a lot, but honestly truly i don't think it can get any worst than what i went through.
but like every story that has a bad beginning there always comes the light and the hope that something or someone will be there to guide you through it all.

i love you munoz, and with your permission id like to do this.
[the past sometimes keeps us from being free and i feel like maybe this is what keeps me in my shell, bc my family drama that u already know about..i just want to be able to get it out and say "ive said all that ive lived and said all there was to say and there, im moving on and ive shared with you and my family and those who read this, that finally i can BREATH."]

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  1. I think you should do it, tranform the "book" thought into a reality,for you as a therapy and also because as you said, it may be someone out there in need of some guide or something to relate to and share the joy of letting go.
    If you don't know how to start, don't worry I can guarantee to you that no one that chose the creative path knows it, until we actually start and then a powerful source guide our process and the final result, just take the risk and adventure, and start writting. Good Luck with that.