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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Green&Silver Eyeshadow

These are the colors I used. You can use any similar colors you have in your makeup collection. I created this look using my 120 palette. Incase you want to know where to get one of these, i got it on ebay for 14 bucks!
I love all the colors and theyre all very pigmented and last all day!
Its one of my favorite toys!!!
I put the moss-looking color on the outer edge of my eye and blended it right in the middle with the silver, the silver is on the inner edge of my eye and right below my eyebrow.
With my slanted brush i put some more green below my lower lashes.
[Sorry I didnt take a full face picture its just that i used wax the other day and it irritated the crap out of my face and it sucks so bad!!!!! Ive been having to treat it with all these different stuff but idk why it dont come off..and it looks bad. Like a bad case of acne...sucks but i hope it gets better]
Hope you guys like and try out!
Send me pics of what it looks like on you!

Im glad I inspired you to create this look on you and hope you stay tuned for more looks.

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