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Thursday, January 28, 2010

P-A-C-E-R [backwards]

Hey everyone,
my bad i hadnt wrote in a while. Ive been kinda busy with trying to get into the LVN program and making sure i dont lose my job!
its pretty crazy right now with school bc its so much money and its money that of course, i do not have!
i have taken all the pre recs and all that jazz and im pretty much in now they just have to run my credit and my co-signers credit and im pretty much in..but now im having second thoughts!
my bff is going to college and she told me that shes paying 50 bucks a quarter!!!
[thats suppppper cheap to what im going to have to pay, 34k + interest!!]
the only reason i dont jump on it is 1. its far! and if my classes are spread out like when i was going to state, idk y but i get so tired and annoyed!!!! and 2. if i go to the school im applying for now i end my LVN training in 11 months and im certified AND they help me find a job!
so im stuck right in the crack!
i know that if i go to a four year university its going to look better on my resume and stuff but if this other school is doing so much for me to get a job and pass the exams, maybe its worth paying the amount there asking for?
so yeah...
now let me tell you about my job.

they recently told us that whoever was working in the printing department had to watch their job and their titles.
i dont really know what they plan on doing but its said that its going to be done.
the CHISMES! or gossip thats going on right now is that if u dont go by all the rules your fired! so im over here trippen bc i never got trained to really deal with all the things we do in our department, ive had to see people and figure out what to do and litteraly train myself so to say!
all the machines we use:i had to learn how to use them [laminators, binding machines, copier, scanner, stamp maker, folding machine!!! etc.]
all the programs: publisher, outlook, PHOTOSHOP![which i had to google all the meaning to tools and so on!!!!], nero, fiery scan, business card templates, etc.
all the forms: stamps, checks, invoices, in store orders, business cards,
ive learned in 1 year and rarely i have had a complaint or a mistake.
so yeah...i think i wouldnt be the one getting fired but still when they tell u something like this all u want to think about is finding a new job or a new way to survive b4 they fire u right??
but yeah...
also!! b4 i forget!
MAYA IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!
omg i feel like she grew over night or something. her paws got wolf like and shes so heavy now! shes not fat thank god but shes so thick i almost couldnt carry her!
[yes i still carry her even though i think shes full grown now!]
lol...my sis says i look HI-larious when i carry her bc shes as big as me!

but yeah i hope u all are doing good and smiling!
ill put up some pics later tonight..me and munoz are going to walk the dogs later..
[he has 2 boy huskies and they gonna take a walk with maya!]
be safe!

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